Carbon taxes will go right through the entire value chain, right from the farm to the grocery store aisle and kitchen table, taxing everything along the way.

Enough is enough!

We need to speak up! A carbon tax is a terrible policy. Let Ottawa and the provinces know that farmers and their friends will not stand for this.

Punishing the Canadian farm

Farmers are concerned about carbon taxes making them less competitive with their fellow agriculture producers in North Dakota, Montana, Australia, and other jurisdictions without a similar carbon tax on farming and food.

With most grain, oilseed, and pulse crops being grown for export, carbon taxes will put our western Canadian farmers at a competitive disadvantage globally.

Already responsible

Today, prairie growers use modern farm equipment with cleaner-burning and more efficient engines, we use precision agriculture such as no-till farming, modern crop protection products, and advanced agronomic practices that also reduce carbon—this is all really good news.

We trap carbon

Today, farmers use less land, water, and fuel than ever before, while producing more food.  But farmers still have to use inputs to grow food.  Those inputs create emissions.  Those inputs also grow crops that yield more food each and every year.  Those higher-yielding crops sequester carbon in the soil.  This is good news.

The wrong policy

With farmers already sinking carbon, it would be a perverse public policy decision to punish us for already achieving the desired outcome of government. People in the city can so-called “green their lifestyle’, which is great, but as we’ve said recently, a farmer can’t pull their air seeder with a Prius.

Do sign our petition above. Our voices are stronger together and we must send a message that carbon taxes are the wrong policy for Canadian farmers and bad news for Canadian consumers!

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